Senior Backend Software Engineer

Full time (Hybrid)

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Role:

You will be at the heart of innovation. You will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining a complex high scale (billions of reqs / day) real time system, serving some of the biggest mobile apps in the world, and working with cutting-edge big data technologies.
You’ll tackle the toughest of challenges, bridging the gap between ambitious business goals and complex technological landscapes.
We are looking for someone with a big appetite for trying, failing, and trying again until we nail it. Someone able to pinpoint the most vital projects and deliver.
Personality and teamwork are extremely important.
We are going to enjoy this rollercoaster ride 🙂

Who You Are:

  • You’re bold.
  • You have over 5 years of broad software engineering experience (either in a hands-on role or in management), with a track record of managing high-scale production systems.
  • Event-driven architecture and complex data pipelines aren’t just buzzwords to you; they’re tools you wield with expertise.
  • Python is your second language. Bonus points if you’re fluent in Big Data technologies like Spark, Databricks ecosystem, etc…

Our Tech Stach Snapshot:

  • Development: Python, PySpark, FastAPI
  • Data Management: Kinesis, Redis, MongoDB, Databricks(Spark & Delta Lake)
  • Cloud and Containerization: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes (EKS), Terraform
  • Monitoring and CI/CD: Datadog, GitHub Actions
  • Analytics: PowerBI

About Quago

We are an enthusiastic, talented, hard-working, and experienced core team.

Our secret sauce is the huge potential of truly unique data – Sensor Based Behavioral Data, combined with advanced AI.
We’re pioneering unique products in this domain that remain unmatched in the market.

We are already impacting 100M users DAILY, processing tens of terabytes of intricate data, all rich with time-series, and sensor-based insights.

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