Data Science Engineer

Full time (Hybrid)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Role description

  • Play a pivotal role in shaping and developing our core machine learning system
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies and serve a substantial customer base.
  • Handle massive volumes of biometric, time-series, and sensor-based data (dozens of terabytes daily).
  • Unlock the potential to revolutionize player behavior prediction in the industry.
  • Showcase your skills in a role that values experimentation, perseverance, and personality.


    • 7+ years of software engineering and data science experience.
    • Proven track record with production-scale ML systems.
    • BSc in Computer Science/Engineering/Math (MSc/PhD is a plus).
    • Expertise in end-to-end ML solutions: data collection, research, fine-tuning, and production monitoring.
    • Advantageous experience in behavioral biometrics and sensor-based time-series data.
    • Proficiency in Python and key data science libraries (knowledge of big data and PySpark is advantageous).
    • Strong leadership, clear communication, and English language skills.

      What we offer

        • Work on a high-scale ML system with industry-transforming potential.
        • Embrace a culture of experimentation, learning, and growth.
        • Thrive in a collaborative and enjoyable work environment.
        • Join a team of pioneers, collectively crafting their path in uncharted territory.
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