Backend Software Engineer

Full time (Hybrid)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Role description

  • Delivery of high-quality code for mission-critical real-time analytics systems that process vast amounts of data
  • Develop code in Python to support real-time data processing and communication with various data sources and sinks
  • Optimization of system and network performance for handling massive data streams. Creation of minimal purpose-built data pipelines
  • Profile and optimize execution bottlenecks in high-throughput data processing components for both performance and cost
  • Manage large-scale multi-region deployments on AWS, spanning both public and private cloud environments
  • Troubleshoot and debug complex issues in the backend, including performance bottlenecks and data processing challenges
  • Development of scalable and secure data distribution architecture



  • Proven experience in delivering high-quality code for mission-critical systems, preferably in real-time analytics or high-scale data processing
  • Proficiency in Java and Python for developing backend services and data processing pipelines
  • Expertise in optimizing system and network performance and creating efficient data pipelines
  • Ability to profile and optimize execution bottlenecks for high-throughput data processing


What we offer

  • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge real-time analytics systems that handle massive data streams
  • Engage in the development of highly performant and scalable backend solutions in Java and Python
  • Contribute to the optimization of system and network performance in a data-intensive environment
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