Gamesforum Interviews Quago’s Co-founder Dan Blechner

Taking a break from the busy Gamesforum Hamburg, Dan Blechner, our Co-founder and CPO, was interviewed about Quago’s mission to empower gaming studios with deeper insights into their players. Speaking with Gamesforum’s Josh Vowles, Dan provided a glimpse into our cutting-edge sensor-data technology that offers an exclusive data layer and unique insights into player behavior.

He also shared strategies for combating various types of fraud: click fraud, in-app CPA fraud, and end-user fraud. He discussed how cheating impacts monetization margins and ways to manage cheating to ensure fair play and reliable data analytics for gaming companies. Dan emphasized that Quago’s technology not only detects post-install event abuse and cheating but also prioritizes user privacy, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment.

Dan addressed key challenges in mobile game growth, including evolving privacy regulations and fraudulent activities that distort data and impact user acquisition. Dan explained how Quago’s advanced churn prediction model forecasts player churn within 24-48 hours, enabling timely interventions to boost retention.

Read the full interview here.

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