Zero blind spots. Winning game.

Today’s tools fall short in identifying critical patterns around cheating, churn, UA fraud, skill level and more.

Quago turns in-game device sensor data into powerful insights and predictions that eliminate blind spots, supporting successful gaming businesses.

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Zero blind spots. Winning game.
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In-game sensor based signals analysis tells a priceless story:  Who is about to churn? Does  cheating occur? How skilled is a new player? Quago adds this data layer without impacting user privacy or collecting PII data.
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Fair game –
Loss minimization 

Cheaters are responsible for tremendous losses to the gaming industry. From IAP abuse to wasted cloud resources, damaged game reputation and much more.

Quago is used to: 

  • Identify unfair behavior in real-time
  • Recover lost revenue due to IAP abuse
  • Solve Skewed Analytics caused by inauthentic players
  • Minimize manual fraud-review efforts
  • Support customer service reps with unfair play complaints

Precise predictions – growing revenues 

What if you could accurately predict churn of new or engaged players? Identify frustration levels in real-time? Properly matchmake new players by their skill level, right from the initial session?

Quago is used to:

  • Re-engage players that are about to churn
  • Run cross promotion without cannibalizing engaged users
  • Show ads without risking your IAP revenues
  • Segment players by pLTV, churn probability, skills and more as early as 24 hours post install – to optimize acquisition, retention and monetization
  • Support customer service reps with unfair play complaints

Cut off CPA fraud and optimize UA campaigns

Fraud prevention tools know how to identify fake installs, but what about CPA fraud? This requires in-game, sensor based pattern recognition.

Quago is used to:

  • Easily identify post-install CPA fraud
  • Provide clear fraud evidence for reimbursement
  • Optimize UA campaigns based on pLTV score

Behavioural intelligence Privacy compliant

Quago leverages the power of ML-based pattern recognition, fed by the device sensor signals, to identify inauthentic behaviour and to provide ultra accurate predictions

Insights include

  • In-Game Cheating
  • User Acquisition Fraud Detection
  • pLTV and Churn Prediction

As we avoid the collection of any personal identifiable information (PII), privacy is uncompromised

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Zero blind spots. Winning game.
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